Handicap International Branding

  • Année : 2018
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Handicap International is a humanitarian NGO involved in more than 60 countries. Created in 1982, its historical expertise is providing prosthetics to mutilated by mines civilians. Now, its mission cover the widest field (demining, logistic, social integration,rehabilitation, …).

In 2018, its international name is changing to Humanity & Inclusion. During 2017, I was engaged, as internal designer, to help them change their global identity and shape their visuals support.

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Presented here are a short list of iconic items :

Image ou vidéos associées au projet

Crédit et remerciement

Photo Itendey & Kasaï, RDC : Brice Blondel / HI

Photo Kinshasa, RDC : Rosalie Colfs / HI

Photo Colombie : Jules Tusseau / HI