I’m Benjamin, I’m independent designer.

I work with institutions, small companies or local associations to build visual architectures and bold publications (print or web).

My practice is driven by an critic, thorough but open approach and a desire to sculpt tailor-made and exacting artifacts. Thus, I convene and question cultural references, social phenomena and technologies.
Since years, I interpolate printed and digital work, juggling between these two output in a vectorial or CSS based workflow.
In a pragmatic way, I choose to use and produce libre or open technologies and so return a significant part of flexibility and autonomy to people I work with. Version française






My work methodology is based on listening to the singularities of the field and the rumbling of its issues. From this raw material, I help the client to grasp the original aspects of his approach, to engrave his project in a fabric of cultural references. In the end, it’s a question of constructing, through words and images, a discourse on the world, a relationship with others.

Maieutic, position-taking and know-how. So much for the short version!